Just as there are certain rules when searching for minerals and fossils, there are also rules on hettangium.de. Because where many passionate collectors, equipped to the teeth, cavort, one understandably also needs a few guidelines so that they do not bang each other on the head with their hammers :).
Therefore, we ask you to take these rules extremely seriously for your own protection and also to respect and interact with each other and of course to take them to heart. Please do not try to find loopholes or circumvent the rules in any way, but observe and respect them as what they were created for. In this way, we can all together maintain a friendly and harmonious coexistence on hettangium.de.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally via the Contact form . We will then contact you as soon as possible and try to shed some light on the matter.

  1. Scope of these terms of use

The following terms of use regulate the relationship as well as the rights and obligations between hettangium.de and its users outside as well as within the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular with regard to the comment function and between the operators of hettangium.de and their guest authors.
Additional or different conditions may apply to certain areas of hettangium.de under certain circumstances. In this case, however, this will be pointed out separately.

  1. Warranty

All users of hettangium.de have no claim whatsoever to an error-free, always accessible and up-to-date function of this offer.

  1. Consent to the data protection provisions

The storage and processing of your data is subject to the Privacy policy, which you accept as binding with the use of our offer.

  1. Agreement to the terms of use

By using hettangium.de you agree to the terms of use listed here.

  1. Third party offers

We may cooperate with various partners (also called third parties) who offer their own services as part of their offering. These may be independent applications or advertisements and/or advertising links.
If you as a user take advantage of offers from third parties, the general terms and conditions of the third party always apply. We are not obliged to fulfil the services of the third party in any way.
As a rule, we do not act in any way as an agent or vicarious agent of third parties. However, this provision shall only apply with reservation. In separate cases, provided we expressly give notice of this in writing, we may also act as a representative or vicarious agent of third parties.

  1. Advertising

It is prohibited to advertise on hettangium.de without our consent or a contractual agreement. However, test and experience reports on products are permitted, provided they are written by an independent and impartial person (please be sure to observe section 7. m. "Advertising and criticism").

  1. Rules of conduct

The rules of conduct are extremely important for you and for us, as they make this portal a pleasant place for all users. We would be pleased if you would also point out these rules of conduct to other members if they violate them. Please notify us via the Contact form, if cases of abuse occur or become known. This enables us to react as quickly as possible and nip any problems in the bud.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to keep an eye on everything at all times, so we would be very grateful for your help.

    1. Bullying, insults, threats and defamation

Bullying, insults, threats, defamation and the like are strictly prohibited on hettangium.de. This means when someone is bullied, mobbed, threatened or harassed. It is also forbidden to publish private information of other persons without their prior written permission.
Spreading unpalatable "truths" is also prohibited. For example, no one should write sentences like "Person X stinks because she never washes!" because this counts as bullying, whether it is true or not. We cannot check whether something is true or not and this has no relevance for us.
Please always consider how you would feel if someone wrote it about you. Please always keep in mind that inflated "truths" can also hurt.
It is also forbidden to denigrate other persons, regardless of whether or not the relevant event is true.

    1. Offensive, vulgar, obscene and sexual content

We do not tolerate offensive sexual language, vulgar language, disclosure of intimate details or any other erotic or pornographic material.

    1. Contents harmful to minors

Since hettangium.de is also used by minors, any content that is harmful to minors is prohibited (this includes, for example, all prohibitions listed in the terms of use, such as those against violence, immorality, etc.).

    1. Foreign identities and foreign names

You are not allowed to pretend to be someone other than yourself. For example, you may not impersonate members, friends, acquaintances or anyone else.

    1. Violence

Violent, warlike or sadistic content is not tolerated in any way. This includes, for example, content about abuse, whether of people or animals, or bomb-making instructions.

    1. Drugs

Content that advocates the use of drugs will not be tolerated. This also applies to legal drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes.

    1. Spelling and grammar

Please pay attention to spelling and grammar in your comments and texts, use paragraphs and punctuation marks and try to write as error-free as possible. In addition, please do not use long abbreviations or fill your texts with them. It is forbidden to write exclusively in capital letters, as this means that you are shouting on the internet.

    1. Language used

The colloquial language of hettangium.de is currently German and English. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the appropriate knowledge to fulfil our duties as operators of hettangium.de in other languages. Should we therefore find contributions in foreign languages that are not permitted and these cannot be clearly identified without further research, we reserve the right to delete them without comment.

    1. Political and religious views

At hettangium.de we accept every person as they are, but we do not tolerate any radical statements, be they religious, political or of any other nature. Every person and every other living being is unique and just as valuable as you are. Therefore, please pay particular attention to these rules for a friendly and harmonious coexistence.
hettangium.de is a platform all about alpine Hettang and this is what it will and should remain. We therefore prohibit advertising, expressions of opinion and content for or about extreme political or religious views. In particular, there is no place here for right-wing and left-wing extremist ideas or content promoting terrorism. Advertising and promotion of sects or opinions that are directed against religion, race, ethnic origin, disabilities, age, gender or sexual orientation are also prohibited.

    1. Copyright

Pictures, videos, texts and all other content that is protected by copyright may never be used in contributions of any form without the corresponding written permission of the copyright holder. Should you nevertheless wish to use the corresponding media or content, you must first obtain written permission from the copyright holder. The images published on hettangium.de and all other media are also protected by copyright and may not be used without the corresponding permission.
It is also prohibited to post links to illegal downloads or even to offer them oneself.
Please observe these rules very carefully, as you or your parents or guardians are liable for such copyright infringements!
You can find supplementary information on copyright in this Wikipedia-Article .

    1. Extraneous personal rights

If you publish media (pictures, videos, drawings, etc.) with other people (e.g. party pictures) or private information about other people (e-mail address, etc.), you must ask them for permission beforehand, otherwise you will violate their privacy.

    1. Breaches of the law

In addition to violations of copyright law and personal rights, violations of all other laws, in particular those applicable in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the EU, are also prohibited.

    1. Advertising and criticism

Of course, you may exchange your experiences with websites, communities or various products or services with other users on hettangium.de. It is only forbidden to engage in intrusive advertising (e.g. repeated solicitation for other products or the like) or to disseminate invective (e.g. negative statements of opinion that are damaging to reputation or business - a statement of opinion should always be constructive).
This rule is extremely important because we want to protect you from being prosecuted for insulting or defaming products, services, companies or people.
Furthermore, commercial advertising on hettangium.de is prohibited without our consent, as is writing to other people to promote and sell products and services.

    1. Spam

It is prohibited to publish spam on hettangium.de.

    1. Linking

All regulations of these terms of use also apply to links to other websites. For example, links to websites that glorify violence or are pornographic are prohibited.

    1. Automatisierte Mechanismen (Bots, Spider, Scraper o. Ä.)

It is prohibited in any way whatsoever to collect content or information from users and also from hettangium.de itself via automated mechanisms, such as bots, spiders, scrapers or similar, or to access hettangium.de unlawfully in any other way.

    1. Ponzi schemes etc.

It is prohibited to operate illegal structural sales, such as pyramid schemes or similar on hettangium.de.

    1. Viruses, Trojans and other malicious code

It is prohibited to upload or distribute viruses, Trojans or any other malicious code on hettangium.de.

    1. Impairment of hettangium.de

It is prohibited to carry out actions that impair the proper functioning or the appearance of hettangium.de. This includes, for example, denial-of-service attacks.

    1. Support for infringements

It is prohibited to support or promote any violations of these terms of use.

  1. Granting of rights to your content on hettangium.de

What you have published on hettangium.de, be it written, drawn or otherwise, is of course yours (as long as it is not subject to someone else's copyright), i.e. your moral rights remain unaffected. However, for easy and quick administration of all content, we need your explicit permission, which you grant us by actively using our service.
By publishing your content on hettangium.de, you allow us to use it free of charge and without any time or place restrictions within the framework of this online offer. This permission is not exclusive, i.e. you may otherwise use your content as you wish.
By publishing your content, you assure us that you have all rights to your content (e.g. pictures, videos, texts, drawings, etc.) and that you are entitled to transfer these necessary rights to hettangium.de. Should third parties assert claims against us due to the placement of your content on hettangium.de (e.g. due to infringement of name rights, copyrights, trademark rights, personal rights or ancillary copyrights), you or your legal guardians are solely responsible for all damages incurred by us due to your culpable breach of duty. This also includes the costs of an appropriate legal defence.
You can trust us to handle your data with the utmost care (please read the specially created Privacy policy ) and attach the greatest importance to your personal rights.
Of course, you can revoke your permission at any time. If, for example, you are embarrassed by something and would like to have this content deleted (unless you have the necessary rights yourself), then simply inform us of your request by email. Contact form . We will then take care of the removal of the relevant content as quickly as possible, provided this is justified.

  1. Guest article
    1. Accepting the requirements for guest articles and guest authors

By submitting your guest contributions, you confirm that you have understood, accept and comply with all requirements. Please read the Requirements for guest articles and guest authors (these apply in addition to the Terms of Use). In addition, all applicable clauses of these Terms of Use (e.g. rules of conduct, etc.) shall apply.

    1. Copyright of guest article media

By submitting your article and associated media, you confirm to us that you own all copyrights to your submitted media and are also authorised to transfer the necessary rights to us for publication on hettangium.de to the extent required.

    1. Granting of rights to blog articles from external authors

If you have published blog articles on hettangium.de, you allow us to use these, as well as all associated media (i.e. pictures, videos, drawings etc.), within the framework of hettangium.de, permanently and without restriction. The withdrawal of contributions is only possible with the agreement of us, the operators of hettangium.de.

    1. Granting of redistribution rights

You also confirm that your articles may be copied and redistributed at any time, provided that the author (i.e. you) is named and the link to hettangium.de is set. However, this does not apply to commercial interests, such as publication in various media. In this case a written permission of the respective author (i.e. you) and the operators of hettangium.de is required. In the event of disclosure for commercial purposes against payment, further monetary agreements between the operators of hettangium.de and the respective guest author will always be made individually.

  1. Disclaimer
    1. Liability under telemedia law

We would like to point out that, according to telemedia law, we are generally not obliged to check and/or monitor the content posted by users for its legality, accuracy or reliability.
However, as soon as we become aware of any unlawful content, we will remove it immediately and without comment. Furthermore, we declare that we do not adopt the content posted by users as our own. Furthermore, the opinions of the users of hettangium.de solely reflect their views and are under no circumstances to be attributed to us, the operators of hettangium.de.

    1. Limitations of liability

In the event of any breach of the law committed by any user, the respective user or their parent or guardian shall always be liable. This means that the user will be responsible for all damages, losses and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees and legal costs, if anyone makes a claim against hettangium.de with respect to the user's actions.
Although we provide rules for user behaviour on hettangium.co.uk, we do not control or direct the actions or behaviour of individual users and are not responsible for the content or information that users transmit or share.
The responsibility for prohibited, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful or otherwise objectionable content or information that may be encountered on hettangium.de lies solely with the respective user who posted it.
In the event of business or personal damage arising from the use of hettangium.de (e.g. damage to reputation, interruption of work, computer breakdowns, loss of data, physical or psychological damage due to attempts to copy various pieces of advice, etc.), we cannot accept any liability. We do not accept liability in any case of damage unless we ourselves have demonstrably acted wrongly through gross negligence or with intent.

    1. Indemnity

If you have done something for which we have to answer, you indemnify us and our vicarious agents against all claims, as well as the necessary costs incurred in connection with the defence against claims asserted against us by third parties due to an infringement for which you are responsible (i.e. all costs and legal consequences are always borne by the responsible user).
Necessary costs include, in particular, court and lawyer's fees, as well as costs for legal prosecution in the statutory amount.
Furthermore, you are obliged to inform us truthfully, immediately and completely of the infringement and all circumstances that are useful for the defence against the claims of the third party and to provide us with the necessary materials for this purpose.

  1. Device safety and mobile use

You are solely responsible for the security of your own devices with which you use the services of hettangium.de. You are responsible for any protective devices, such as virus scanners, firewalls, password complexity, etc. You can also use hettangium.de on smartphones, tablets or similar devices. You also have the option of viewing hettangium.de on smartphones, tablets or similar devices. However, please note the fees and tariffs of your mobile phone provider, as you are fully responsible for the costs arising from the use of hettangium.de.

  1. Changes to these terms of use

We reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time with effect for the future.
The adjustment will only be made if there are valid and objective reasons and if it does not disturb the contractual balance of the user with hettangium.de. Such reasons can be, for example, legal or technical changes. Rules that only come into being as a result of experience or, for example, fill unintentional gaps, can also be included in the terms of use at any time.
Should there be any changes to the terms of use, we will inform you at the appropriate place.

  1. Right to discontinue the offer of hettangium.de

We expressly reserve the right to delete parts of the site or even the entire site without prior notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

  1. Support information

As hettangium.de is currently a purely private project, we do not offer guaranteed and timely support in any way, but we always strive to meet all circumstances and to respond to your requests as quickly as possible.

  1. Self-responsibility

We would like to point out that searching, mining, collecting and preparing minerals and fossils naturally involves certain risks and that there is a corresponding risk of accident or injury. Everyone is responsible for his or her own physical well-being and bears full responsibility for his or her own activities and deeds. All contents of this online offer are carefully checked and published to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, we do not accept any liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality, nor for any psychological or physical damage or consequential damage resulting from the execution of the advice provided. You yourself are responsible for all your activities or attempts to copy various tips and tricks or other hints and advice. Please be sure to observe the relevant Collection notes (these apply in addition to the Terms of Use).

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