Species Togaticeras goisernense RAKUS

The winding cross-section is highly oval with flattened, parallel flanks. The umbilical wall and umbilical "edge" are formed as a single arch and are tightly rounded. The external side is rounded with a gradual transition into the flanks.
Remarkable and characteristic of the species are distinct proradiate, slightly forward curved constrictions, which do not show any additional forward curvature externally.
Rakus describes necking on the last turn at 31mm diameter.
In the case of the holotype from the Zlambach area, it is not clear in which horizon the species occurs.
In the Karwendelgeburge it can be found in the Calliphyllum Bank (under the naumanni/johnstoni horizon). The very rare occurrence does not allow any more precise statements.

* Description according to Rakus (1999), supplemented


Similar is Togaticeras togatum, which also has constrictions. However, this species is much narrower-bodied and its constrictions are curved in an s-shape.


Dimensions with D= 31mm
Nw % v. D: ca. 40%
Wh % v. D: ca. 36%
Wb % v. D: –

  • 1999 Togaticeras goisernense n. sp. – Rakus S. 331, Taf. 1.1
  • 2021 Togaticeras goisernense RAKÚS – KMENT S. 269, Fig. 12.4

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