Species Laqueoceras sublaqueus (WÄHNER)

Lange (1952) introduced Laqueoceras as a subgenus of Storthoceras because of a further development of the lobed lineage. Today, the genus has established itself as independent.
L. sublaqueus is very densely ribbed, the ribs being very irregular and slightly curved. They are often more or less clearly retroradiate. A nodule stage is present. The winding cross-section is circular in juvenile forms, later oval and sometimes also externally somewhat sharpened.
First representatives are present in the frigga/megastoma horizon, the main occurrence is together with Alsatites proaries (proaries horizon).
Specimens also occur in the higher ammonite horizon (haueri horizon). Then the ribbing seems to be more regular and less retroradiate.
Only three large specimens from the Schreinbach were available to Wähner. In the Karwendel Mountains, L. sublaqueus is quite common, especially at the classic site of Fonsjoch.

* Description according to Lange (1952), supplemented


With the very large navel width, the shells are reminiscent of the genus Alsatites. The irregular, very dense ribbing, however, makes the identification clear. Alsatites proaries always has a much larger coil width, even with large shells.


Dimensions with D= 35mm
Nw % v. D: ca. 64%
Wh % v. D: ca. 22%
Wb % v. D: ca. 20%

  • 1884 Aegoceras sublaqueus n.f. – Wähner S. 142, Taf, 15.1, 16.10, 30.4
  • 1952 Storthoceras (Laqueoceras) sublaqueus Wähner – Lange S. 143, Taf. 17.10

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