Species Bouhamidoceras tiroli KMENT

The WQ is lanceolate, the external side sharpened or very closely rounded. The umbilical slope is vertical with a distinct umbilical edge. The flank is marked by two edges
divided into three areas. The ornamentation is strongest on the inner part near the navel. This area even appears a little concave, similar to that of
Metamorphites. The middle section shows an attenuated sculpture, the outer one is smooth.
The very faintly raised ribs begin at the turn suture, rise strongly retroradiate to the flank, but there turn forward so that they are almost radial. In the bouhamidocerates described by Kment, there is a slight ridge at the end of the last turn.
Spiral sculpture can be recognised. Whether this was created by deformation in connection with the suture line or is an original feature could not be decided.

* Description according to KMENT (2000), supplemented


In the Discamphiceras family Bouhamidoceras tiroli is the form with the smallest umbilical width. The external side is sharpened, the cross-section of the coils is uniquely lanceolate.
Bouhamidoceras is extremely rare, and the specimens that are present can also be easily overlooked because they are difficult to see in cross-section. It is easy to confuse with two shells lying close to each other.
The species occurs in the younger marmoreum zone, together with Vermiceras (Epammonites) cordieri and Metamorphites marmorei.


Dimensions at D= 132mm (according to Kment):
Nw % v. D: ca. 7%
Wh % v. D: ca. 55%
Wb % v. D: ca. 16%

  • 2000 Bouhamidoceras tiroli sp. n. – Kment S. 201, Taf. 3.4

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