Preliminary overview of the stratigraphically significant ammonite communities of the Hettangian in the Karwendel Mountains. Simplified, the temporal boundaries were more or less parallelised with the lithofacial boundaries. This has proved successful in practice. Older species occasionally still occur in younger zones, partly because they were long-lived (Megastomoceras megastoma, for example) or because they were relocated (condensation). The first occurrence is therefore significant in each case.

The thickness of the Breitenberg Subfm., the Schnöll Fm. and the Lienbacher Subfm. is predominantly less than 100cm.

The individual species are described in our Fossil database .

A parallelisation with the lithology is not generally possible. Especially the boundary between the Breitenberg Subf. and the Schnöll Formation is very variable. The parallelisation presented here is only an example.

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    hettangian ammonites

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